Blindsided (Backpacker, 2012)

The Last Best Place (Backpacker, 2010)
—written as Eddie Oglander

The Lost Boy of the Ozarks* (Backpacker, 2009)
—written as Neville Franks
*Listen to an audio recording: the sound effects are great!

Terror in the Trees (Backpacker 2005)


Kathryn Bertine Had it All Figured Out! (Bicycling, 2016)

Leo and the Bear (The Hollywood Reporter, 2016)

Walk Hard (Backpacking, 2016)

Spun, or The Sweet, Sad Song of Judi and Dom (Bicycling, 2015)

Billy Jack and the Fallen Angel  (Backpacker, 2015)

Blown Together (Runner’s World, 2014)

Bret, Unbroken (Runner’s World, 2013)

The Fall and Rise of Debbie Heald (Runner’s World, 2012)

The Race of His Life (Runner’s World, 2010)

The Impossible Redemption of Jonathan Boyer (Bicycling, 2009)

After The Fall: What You Don’t Know about Zola Budd (Runner’s World, 2009)

Twilight of The Mountain God (Runner’s World, 2009)

Dogged (Runner’s World, 2007)

The Long Trail to Jail (Backpacker, 2007)

G-D in His Corner (New York Magazine, 2006)

Lost in America (Backpacker, 2006)

A Moment of Silence (Runner’s World, 2006)

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Scott Williamson (Backpacker, 2005)

Lost & Found (Runner’s World, 2004)

The Race of Truth (Bicycling, 2003)

“It’s Gonna Suck to Be You” (Outside, 2001)

Up From the Gutter (Esquire, 1999)

Kingpin  (GQ, 1998)


My Complicated Shelf Life (Real Simple, 2017)

Existential Dread & a Sweet Jumper: My Hoops Confessions (New York Times, 2016)

My Sister (Runner’s World, 2015)

Me and the Mango Hog: Madness in the Mountains (Backpacker, 2015)

Going Nowhere Fast (Citi Bikes Changed My Life)  (Bicycling, 2014)

Couch Surfing (Elle, 2014)

Nirvana Now!!! (Backpacker, 2013)

I Love You, You Smell Nice.” (Elle, 2011)

Sorry, Mom (Men’s Health, 2011)

All at Sea (Runner’s World, 2011)

My F*&^ Family (Backpacker, 2010)

Foldy (Bicycling, 2009)

I Will Survive (Backpacker, 2008)

I’m Hiking with Stupid (Backpacker, 2008)

Heidi & Me: Nightmare in the Swiss Alps (Bicycling, 2008)

It’s Not About the Hole (Bicycling, 2007)

It’s Uncle Stevie Time!  (Wondertime, 2007)

Jack & Me at the Diner (Elle, 2007)

A Better Body in 64 Payments (The New York Times, 2006)

Oy, Wilderness! (Backpacker, 2005)

Confessions of a Kitchen Romeo   (The New York Times, 2005)

Down and Out in Krasnaya Polyana (Ski Magazine, 2004)

Just Friends? Let Me Read Between the Lines (The New York Times, 2004)


The Adderall Diaries (Las Vegas Weekly, 2009)

The Night of the Gun (Las Vegas Weekly, 2008)

Motherless Brooklyn (Esquire, 1999)

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